Thursday, 11 January 2018

A Soup for a wintery day:)

If it is Jan then it must be chilly days. What are you all up-to?  Nestling under your duvets, sipping hot coffee, hot chocolates ?. Well whatever it is enjoy your cold days of winter the way you wanted to enjoy it. Like many I too feel the cold days are beautiful and welcome it. People become busy in their kitchens to prepare hot delicious dishes to keep them warm. Nothing like watching a movie on a quiet cold wintry day(when the cold wind blows or the snow drop falls) with a bowl of home made hot soup in your hand. It warms your body and sooth your spirit. Though our winters are mild still soups find their way to our January menu planner. 

Preparing not too tricky but a super easy oriental soup called Laksa with thick coconut milk & noodles makes it a mini meal itself. (It can be prepared either way veg/non-veg) When you don't want to spend much time in kitchen on a cold day isn't this sounds delicious? Yes it isssss...try you will enjoy and it keeps you warm & energetic. 

Run down the mouse for a quick glance of the recipe.

The cool elegance of off white dishes provides just the right setting for this exotic oriental soup along with some deep fried papads.

                                                                                                         Food Styling Sujathapratap:)


Serves 4-6 
1. Three pints (1.7 liters) well flavored vegetable stock.For non veg preparation chicken stock.
2. Two tablespoons soya sauce.
3. One tablespoon vegetable oil.
4. One tablespoon sesame oil
5.Two inch piece of fresh root ginger peeled and cut into thin strips
6. 3-4 Garlic peeled and crushed
7. One teaspoon ground coriander powder
8. One teaspoon turmeric powder
9. One teaspoon chili powder
10.One packet of noodles or desired amount.
11.4oz(115g) thick coconut milk dissolved in 285ml(1/2pint) boiling water,
12.One small red, green, yellow bell peppers and one carrot cut into thin strips.
13.Four large spring onions trimmed and cut into rings.
14.Handful of  bean sprouts.
15.For taste salt and  black pepper powder   
16.For non-veg soup deep fried prawns or boiled and shredded chicken. 

How to make: Boil the noodles drain and keep aside. In a sauce pan heat the vegetable oil and sesame oil. Add the ginger & garlic, spices and soya sauce and fry gently for five minutes until soft. Add the vegetable stock and the creamed coconut milk into the ginger and spice mixture. Bring the coconut milk to boil. Lower the heat. Add the three colored bell pepper strips, spring onion rings, carrots and simmer for five minutes only. Add the boiled noodles & bean sprouts to the soup along with salt and black pepper powder.Bring to boil and simmer for 1-2 minutes. 

For non-veg preparation same method is followed with chicken stock and deep fried prawns and boiled shredded chicken pieces.
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Thursday, 4 January 2018

Hello 2018 :)

Hello to 2018 and a big hello to you all too. Happy to meet everyone again in this brand new New Year. Hope everyone had a wonderful time in welcoming 2018 in their style. The much loved season of togetherness, anticipation, delight , surprises, gift giving, festive parties, stunning table settings and amazing home decors all concluded too fast with a smile and a story to share. Never -the- less the story of shimmer, shine & sparkle will continue in the coming year too with lot more fun & relish. 

It's a wonderful feeling to enter into yet another year  in blogging space. I must say it's been fulfilling years and I thank my readers to have generously continued their line of support by sparing  time to visit and drop a comment.Crystal Grandeur was started with love and passion for decor styling to tables-capes and it did bring out my creative aspect & my writing skill . It's a sense of satisfaction for me to have inspired people with my creativity in and around the world. Always a pleasant feeling to answer the queries of family members, friends and readers regarding table styling to decor tips through e-mails, whats app messages or phone calls. All this made me to grow stronger together at Crystal Grandeur. Happy to have stuck in maintaining a blog and happy to see the over all page views soon to reach it's two lakh mark. 

Creating a New Year table with two toned floral adornment in the middle looked nice along with cut glasses,silver & white wares.   


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Thursday, 28 December 2017

A coastal charm Chritsmas Holiday Table:)

The stage is set to ring in 2018. And now that the year is on it's verge I feel certain newness and freshness in the air. It's been a full year for me with lot more things happening behind the things, different things, good things and bad things. But that doesn't make it bad because lots of lessons learn t and I've come out stronger more tolerant and lot more prepared for anything and everything. I believe in what ever happens, it happens for good and be grateful to God for being by your side . 

So, while you host a party and raise a toast to all you hold dear, I'll send my silent prayer for a healthier, happier and more prosperous 2018 to all my dear & near ones. Wishing everyone to have a super New Year!

Presenting here a table setting all about coastal charm. The fact that people living near the beach or coast have the influence of the sea by adding sea elements to the decor during seasons or celebration. Creating a coastal ambience by setting a holiday table in a corner with chillness in air & with sea elements was fun and made the corner to look festive.

A wrap note: We don't consider it a gift if your heart isn't in it.  So, if you are simply doing it for the sake of it, don't. Gifting and receiving the gift is all about the feelings. The equation is same in taking and in giving. A gift with heart full of love, warms the heart of the giver and the receiver. The gift can be simple but it can be very special too. You can personalize your little treat with a beautiful wrap, ribbon or accent piece like tiny shells, figurines, flowers foliage etc. This Christmas season I received this cute duck as a gift from my niece Meenakishi with all her love wrapped around it.  


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