Monday, 16 October 2017

Table with playful Plaids:))))

Playful Plaids and season Fall go hand in hand. The much desired fabric around the world  generates so much inspiration during Autumn/winter for all sorts of decor, designs, fashion and in  setting a tables cape. On a moody day a cozy setting for two with a spread of a plaid cloth, sunflower cup&saucers, pumpkin, Gebaras flowers, wicker duck and a scarf with a flickering candle all made the table inviting. 

It was my long desire to do a setting with the fabric during Fall and i could do with it which i had with me for a very long time. I did not expect the table to come out so well...but yes plaids can be in forefront at this time of the year!!!   

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Friday, 13 October 2017

The colors on plate:)))

The smell in the air says it is Diwali time. Diwali brings smile on people faces as it is time of joy, cheer and to indulge in  preparing some traditional delicacies. 

We keep asking ourselves what is new this time in preparing a dish for Diwali breakfast and dinner? We turn the pages of a cook book for something special. As Diwali a colorful & glamours festival in all aspects how about giving a colorful twist to the much loved idlis for a Diwali morning or night table with different accompaniments?

Like the appealing Diwali colors,giving appetizing hues to the food and presenting on a Diwali table can  be both 'explosive in taste' & an appetizing eye appeal. So don't pause for a thought... just go with the recipe of 3-way colorful cocktail idlis. Easy and fun to make, also it fall in line with the global romance with vegetarianism.

Scroll down for the colorful recipe.

For the Idli batter:

250gm ( 10oz) parboiled rice
75gm (3 oz) split white black gram
1 teaspoon fenugreek  seeds for the softness of batter.
1 teaspoon salt

Soak parboiled rice and split white black gram separatly for 4 hours in water. Let it be fully covered in water. 

Grind black gram in 75 ml (2.5 fl oz) water to a fine paste. Grind parboiled rice coaresly and mix with the black gram paste. Add salt and leave it to ferment for 8 hours at room temperature. (around 30 degree C 70 degree F). 

When fermented mix the batter with a ladle adding very little water. ( the batter shouldn't be watery. Keep the thickness.) 

For the lemon Idli:
125 gm (5 oz) idli batter
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 
2 teaspoon lemon juice. 

Add lemon juice and turmeric to the idli batter and pour into a greased idli mould and steam for 10 minutes. 
For the curry leaf idlis:
How to make curry leaf powder:
100gm (5 oz) curry leaves
25gm (1 oz) split Bengal gram 
1 Teaspoon cumin seeds
1 Tablespoon split white gram 
15 gm (O.6 oz) whole dry red chilies.

Dry roast all the ingredients and grind into a coarse curry leaf powder.
Steam the plain idli batter in a idli mould  for 10 minutes. cool it. 
For the curry leaf idli  heat 2 teaspoons ghee in a pan and put in the curry leaf powder. Toss in the plain idlis and mix the curry leaf powder with the idlis gently inside the pan.

For the podi spice Idlis:
How to make Podi Spice powder:
2 teaspoons sesame seeds
50 gm (2 oz) split Bengal gram 
25 gm (1 oz) split white gram 
A pinch of asafoetida
20 gm (0.8 oz) dry whole red chilies 
Salt to taste.  

Dry roast all the ingredients and grind into a coarse powder. Heat 2 teaspoons ghee, add the podi spice powder and stir. Remove from heat and toss in the already steamed plain idlis gently. 
For the colorful Chutneys:
1.Beetroot and Coconut Chutney.
2.Cabbage Chutney.

Beetroot& coconut Chutney
30 ml (1 fl oz) refined oil
30 gm (1.2 oz) onions sliced
20 gm (0.8 oz) kashmiri red chilies
1 teaspoon split Bengal gram
1 teaspoon split white gram
30 gm (1.2 oz) tomatoes sliced
50 gm (2 oz) beetroots, boiled
100 gm (4 oz) fresh coconut grated
Salt to taste. 

Heat oil. Saute onions, red chilies and lentils. Add tomatoes, beetroot and coconut and cook till the beetroot is tender. cool. Grind to a fine paste. Season and put in a serving bowl.

Cabbage Chutney:
2 tablespoons refined oil
15 gm (0.6 oz) green chilli
2 tablespoons split Bengal gram
30 gm (1.2 oz) onions sliced
150 gm (6 oz) cabbage, chopped
2 tablespoons fresh coconut grated
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
Salt to taste. 

Heat oil add green chilli and lentils and temper. Add onions and saute. Add cabbage,  coconut and tumeric powder and saute till the cabbage is cooked. Cool. Grind to a fine paste. Season and put in a bowl. 

For arranging, insert the idlis in bbq bamboo skewers and place them on plates. Try you will love it as i loved doing it. Till then Happy Diwali cooking to everyone.

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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Past Autumn Tables:)

Autumn is one of the favorite season for many. The pleasant mornings & evenings and the changing colors of the leaves are natures beauty. Also setting tables during this time of the year whether indoors or out doors with warm colors has it's own charm.  Sharing  past Autumn decors and tables from my blog Crystal Grandeur.
Happy Fall to everyone...:))

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Friday, 6 October 2017

O Mother!!!

The recently concluded nine days Navrathri festival consists number of elements that makes it special along with singing and story telling. As known to many the festival is dedicated to Mother Goddesses 'Om Shakti' who encompasses all forms of feminine forces, honoring women and rejoicing women hood. Concluding days of  the festival, young girls are seen as a manifestation of 'Shakti' and people worship them as a symbolic worship of  feminine divinity. Also married and unmarried women are integral part of the celebration. 

Welcoming Mother home during the festival and giving her all the comfort & dressing her up as a young girl is a wonderful feeling to every women and to me as well. 

Sharing a heart warming story of 'O Mother' as she as a young girl  wanted to wear bangles like any other small girl, appearing in a form of a young girl to a poor bangle seller truly touches the heart. She is expression of love & care to who believes in her. Stories of her told during this time make the festival even more special & lovable as i loved this cute little story of 'Maa' or 'O Mother'.


A bangle-seller, old and grey
 To a village small, did find his way.
 He was thin, his face was lined.
 The basket on his head was piled
 With glass bangles of all hues and size.
 And as he walked he softly sang
 "O Mother, show yourself to me but once
Before I go into the eternal night."

As he looked around he saw
 A little girl, of seven or eight, no more.
 In a red, gold-bordered sari she was clad
 And a crimson rose adorned her braid.
 She sat on the steps beside the pond
 Her lovely face was lost in thought
 She seemed not to see him at all.

 His heart was moved and he called to her,
 "My child, do come and some bangles choose."
 "Dear Sir", she softly replied, "I did not come, as I cannot buy."
 His heart was filled with love, and he said
 "Come take your choice, not count the cost.
 I only wish to adorn your arms
 With these coloured bangles and beaded charms."

 She ran to him, and looked amongst his wares
 And one by one, he put on her wrist,
 The best he had, emerald, ruby, gold and amethyst
 And when her arms could hold no more
 She got up and said to him,
 "Dear Sir, you are so very kind,
 May you be happy all your life."

 "What is your name, and where do you stay?"
"My name is Durga and I live,
 In the temple by the hill.
 The priest who lives there surely will
 For these bangles pay the bill.
 In the western corner of the shrine
 A plate of straw with coins you'll find
 Enough for what I have bought."

 Saying this she laughed and sang, and was so gay
 She quite stole his heart away,
 And then she merrily danced away
 To the mango grove that behind them stretched.
The old man slowly got to his feet
 And to the temple found his way.
 There in answer to his call

 The priest came swiftly to the temple door.
 "Why do you disturb me at this worship time?"
 "Dear Sir, I have come here to seek
 Money for the bangles your daughter bought from me."
 The priest in anger replied
 "I have lived alone here all my life
 I have no daughter, wife, nor child."
 They went to the western corner of the shrine
 And as she'd said, there was a plate of straw with coins inside.
 The sum was exactly the price
 For the bangles that she’d lovingly bought.


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